Website Design Services Policy & Refunds Terms

  • Once payment is made, if a refund is required within 2 hours of payment, an administration fee of £10 is charged.
  • Once payment is made, more than 2 hours has elapsed since payment and our website designers have spent time designing the website, then up to 100% of the fee may be withheld at discretion.
  • After designing the website, if customers wish to take control of their hosting & domain i.e. transfer of ownership and control of the domain and hosting, then they must pay the remaining number of months in the year worth of monthly domain, hosting and upkeep costs. e.g. If your purchase was on 01.01.16 and you wish to transfer on 31.08.17, then 4 months worth of monthly costs must be paid, so £59.96 (£14.99*14).
  • There is a minimum transfer fee of £50 payable. To avoid confusion, if the monthly cost calculates to lower than £50, then £50 will be charged.
These conditions do not affect your rights.